Technology: Liquid silicone rubber molding and compression silicone rubber molding.

Feature: Comfortable sensation and skin friendly, and anti skin allergy.

LSR/CSR Intelligent Wear for children

Silicone 2k wear phone belt for children

2k silicone wear phone belt

silicone wear phone belt two color

P+R silicone wear phone belt

P+R silicone wear phone belt one color

colorful silicone smart bracelet

silicone smart bracelet

Liquid silicone rubber over molding with hard plastic or metal insert case. Full production line of LSR tool making, molding, assembling and clean room.

Air shower, Dust cleaning entry of clean room.
Liquid silicone rubber molding line
Liquid silicone rubber part inspection, deburr and remove flashing.
Liquid silicone rubber part assembly line

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